Why choosing Seaquest Liveaboard ? - The Seaquest will give you an opportunity to see something else than the line and the blue, access the most beautiful dive sites of the region - You are an advance freediver and you want to get deeper, Akim Freediving instructor trainer and Ex professional sportsman he is also the former of hundreds elites free divers who became national record holders, world record holders and world class instructors Akim will adapt the training to achieve your goals in the most natural way.


    SeaQuest is the new project of Akim Adhari, the founder and 
    previous owner of Blue Immersion Freediving, the most 

    successful freediving center in the world. SeaQuest have been a dream project for Akim, a world renowned freediving instructor trainer, for many years. Now Akim invite you to join him and his dream to board the SeaQuest and dive all the top freediving destinations in the world. The large sailing boat is going to pass by areas and countries like Caribbean, South America, Indonesia, Thailand and many more.

    During the trip Akim, who's freediving record is 103 meters, is going to offer Freediving, sailing, spearfishing courses for all levels. You will be sharing an unique adventure on a high class sailing boat fully equipped for comfort, deep freediving and spearfishing with quality courses and training in a small group of 4 maximum to have a full dedication and time to be a successful freediver or spearfisher. With experience from teaching over 2000 students including national champions and world record holders we will ensure that you will reach the goals for your training regardless if you are new to freediving or a planning to attend freediving competitions.

    During the journey you will experience new sites,adventures and landscapes each day while getting the best possible freediving training available today. SSI Instructor and Master Classes are also going to be offered. Packages are available including courses and accomodation from a few days to months.




    Freediving specialist

    Pack " SSI Master/instructor" One month training and sailing around a region to become a elite freediver : 2600 Euros
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    Master training 10/15 days

    You are Freediver and feel the need to progress and sharp your techniques for spearfishing,videography or as competitor ? this course is for you! 800 euros
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    The Seaquest

    Join the adventure...
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